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How to process Payments and Invoicing


Published: December 29, 2023

A critical part of starting and running a business is invoicing and receiving customer payment. Here are some essential activities on invoicing and the different payment types. 




Invoicing 101 

Follow these essential steps to make and send invoices. Learn how to deal with unpaid or incorrect invoices. 


Record Keeping 

Find out the essential records you must keep, how to keep them, and how long to keep them. 


What to do If you Weren’t Paid

Getting compensated for the work you accomplish for customers is a challenge. Learn the steps you to take to recover the payment owed. 


Learn the costs and the steps to take advantage of eInvoicing.



Payment terms 

Learn the steps to set up payment terms for your customers. 

Choosing payment methods 

Learn about how to choose payment methods for your customers. 


Receipts and proof of purchase 

Find out about the different types of receipts and what to include in them. 

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