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Published: February 12, 2024

We’re very pleased to welcome John Ned Kelly into our art lovers business community.


John is an artist who grew up in Quairading, a small town in Western Australia. He discovered his passion for painting when he was a student and earned the reputation of being the ‘class artist’. He never stopped painting, even when he had other commitments and responsibilities. He says that painting is part of his identity and he feels a deep urge to express himself through his art.

John’s paintings are diverse and original. He explores different subjects and styles, from realistic landscapes to surreal portraits. He likes to challenge himself and experiment with new ideas and techniques. He also likes to share his thoughts and feelings about life through his paintings. He says that each painting has a story behind it and a message for the viewers.

We asked John our standard “Our Community’ questions, here’s what he has to say:


What is most important to you in a business?

There are several factors that are important to me in business. Firstly, to be recognised, both individually and collectively, for the skillsets and talents that make up the business services and offerings. This leads into another factor: having a strong management team, a strong company culture and of course, ultimately being successful. Lastly, my business success has been built on networking and word of mouth, and from this I get great satisfaction. I create wonderful pieces of art, and people appreciate them enough to buy them and view them every day.


 What products or services do you offer/manufacture?

As an award winning Perth based artist, I offer high end original paintings on canvas. I specialise in acrylics and am well known for my commissioned works, having exhibited across Western Australia. You can currently find my work online, and also hanging at Birli Gallery in Midland.


What is unique about your business?

My business is unique in that it reflects my artwork. My works are recognisably different and I place emphasis on viewer involvement. Each piece really draws the viewer in, to convey emotion and evoke meaning making, while inviting the viewer to feel that they are part of the story I am telling. This, combined with my standard for high quality work, has built me the reputation that has made my business the success it is today.


If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

I wish I had known this piece of advice at the beginning of my journey into business! So for those just starting out, be patient. It’s a long journey and don’t be scared of the knockbacks. Remember that constructive criticism is better than just a pat on the head. Take it and use it to shape yourself, your business and your services into something better!


What 3 gadgets/business tools you can’t live without?

Obviously as an artist, my three tools that I couldn’t live without are my paint, my brushes and a good quality canvas!


You can view John’s collection at www.johnnedkelly.com.au.

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